Latest Update – January 2023

We are so thrilled to have been allowing clients back into the consultation with their pets!

We kindly request that clients adhere to the government recommendations:

  1. Please do not attend the surgery if you are testing positive for COVID-19 or are generally feeling ill
  2. If you prefer to wear a mask, feel free! If you feel more comfortable with us wearing a mask whilst we are providing service, just ask.
  3. Make use of the hand sanitiser available at reception
  4. Choose contactless payment if possible

As before, do not attend the clinic if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are currently in isolation. Please call us on 745999 (or 07700 722994 out of hours) and we will arrange a way for your pet to be seen.

Covid-19 Keeping Pets Safe

First and foremost, there is no evidence to show that animals can pass COVID-19 to humans.

Pets may act as a ‘fomite’ for the virus, meaning that if they come into contact with the virus it may survive for a period of time on their fur – this is more of a concern to veterinary staff when treating animals from COVID-19 positive households. It is advisable however, not to touch animals that do not live with you and to always practice good hand hygiene.