UPDATE January 2023

It has been confirmed that Jersey will be given Part 2 listed status for non-commercial pet travel from January 2021. There will therefore be changes to the current pet travel rules and it will affect ALL travellers arriving from Jersey/UK into the EU with their pet after 23:00 GMT on the 31st December 2020. We subsequently advise all of our clients that intend to travel to the EU in 2021 to read the following information, and to visit the government website or contact us for further advice well in advance of your journey.


You will notice that the minimum requirements for pet travel remain the same, and that it is the supporting documentation that has changed significantly.

  1. These rules apply only to dogs, cats and ferrets
  2. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies
    1. The vaccine must have been given after your pet was microchipped
    2. The vaccine must have been given when your pet was at least 12 weeks old
    3. The vaccine must still be valid
  3. 21 days must have passed following a primary Rabies vaccination before entry into the EU
  4. Dogs travelling to Norway, Ireland, Malta or Finland must receive a tapeworm treatment between 24 – 120 hours before arrival into that country.
  5. The pet must be accompanied by their owner, a responsible person nominated by the owner or a person acting on behalf of a transport company.
    1. A nominated person travelling with the pet must have authorisation in writing from the owner
    2. The authorisation in writing must be written within 5 days of travel
  6. The movement must be a non-commercial movement (the pets movement should not result in their sale or transfer of ownership)
  7. A maximum of 5 pets can travel unless attending sporting events, competitions or exhibitions
    1. In this instance all of the animals must be over 6 months old, and the authorised person travelling with them must provide evidence to demonstrate their registration with the event or organisation
  8. Pets must enter the EU via a travellers point of entry (https://ec.europa.eu/food/animals/pet-movement/eu-legislation/non-commercial-non-eu/tpe_en)
  9. Pets must travel with an Animal Health Certificate (AHC)


UK Pet Passports issued by Official Veterinarians (OVs) in Jersey will no longer be valid to travel to Europe. Instead, clients must get an AHC issued by an OV. The following rules apply to AHCs:

  1. The AHC is valid for entry into the EU for up to 10 days after the date of issue
    1. Therefore you must apply for an AHC to be issued by an OV within the correct time frame
  2. The AHC is valid for a SINGLE trip/entry into the EU
  3. You may travel onwards within EU member states on the AHC for up to 4 months after the date of issue as long as;
    1. it is within the validity period of the Rabies vaccine
    2. the AHC is endorsed at the point of entry into the EU – this may be by a Customs Officer
  4. You may return to the UK/Jersey on the AHC for up to 4 months after the date of issue as long as;
    1. It is within the validity period of the Rabies vaccine
    2. Your pet has received a tapeworm treatment within 24 – 120 hours before arrival and this has been recorded and stamped by a vet on the AHC (section II.4)
  5. The AHC must be written in an official language of an EU Member State for entry into the EU
    1. We will have a supply of English/French AHCs at the practice
    2. If you are arriving in a country other than France, we will need to know AT LEAST 5 days in advance so that we can issue an AHC for the country of destination


The rules are not changing for pets travelling back to Jersey from the EU.

  1. You may return to Jersey with a valid EU27 or UK Pet Passport
    1. The Rabies vaccination must be valid
    2. The tapeworm treatment must be have been administered by a vet within 24 – 120 hours before arrival into Jersey (not required if travelling from Norway, Ireland, Malta or Finland)
  2. You may also land in Jersey with a valid Official Veterinary Health Certificate if returning from a Third country via the EU
  3. You may also land in Jersey with a valid AHC issued from the 1st January 2021


Jersey OVs will no longer be able to issue UK Pet Passports after the transition period, and instead will issue AHC’s for entry into the EU. However, as mentioned above, Jersey will still accept valid UK Pet Passports for re-entry.

  1. Jersey OV’s can still enter Rabies vaccinations into UK Pet Passports


Pets with EU passports issued by a European OV will still be able to travel into Europe with their EU passport as long as it is kept up to date, it is therefore important to be aware of the following:

  1. An OV in Jersey will no longer be able to complete an EU27 Pet Passport after 23:00 GMT 31st December 2020
    1. They will not be able to enter a Rabies vaccination or Rabies antibody titration test
    2. They will not be able to issue an EU27 Pet Passport
  2. A Registered Veterinarian in Jersey will be able to enter the following in an EU27 Pet Passport:
    1. Tapeworm treatment
    2. Other anti-parasite treatments
    3. Other vaccinations
  3. Valid EU Pet Passports will still be acceptable for entry into the EU as long as a Jersey OV has not entered the information in point 1

Emily Sabin, Ruth Guegan and Benjamin Benander are recognised by the UK and Jersey Governments as Official Veterinarians (OV).

Click here for further information from the Government of Jersey website about Pet Travel or give us a call if you have any questions.